In this Collection, you’ll find 16 classroom-ready lessons with super engaging projects covering key big ideas in algebra readiness such as: variables, solving equations, visual models, and more. Each lesson is designed to be achievable in one class period, though projects can easily be extended as kids dig into meaty and creative projects. Explore all the creative projects and possibilities!


Collages (using Fraction Mash)

Students will use Fraction Mash to explore algebraic concepts in a playful way by making collages. Re-mixed images can get mathematically complex very quickly. These activities guide students in a way they can grasp the math, understand how algebra fits into the equation, and at the same time create collages they care about.

  1. Fractional Pieces
  2. Mondrian Me
  3. Personality Plus
  4. Minecraft Your Face



Subways (using Choreo Graph)


  1. Make A Map
  2. Coordinate Translations
  3. Distance Formula
  4. Linear Equations
  5. Efficiency
  6. Earthquake


Dance (using Choreo Graph)

Coordinate Rotation

Coordinate Symmetry

Sym 1

Proportions (using Size Wise)

Infographic Poster



Scale (using Volumize)

Dimensions 1, 2, 3



Math Math Libs (using Choreo Graph)

Graphing Lines


Treasure Map (using Choreo Graph)

Linear Equations


About the Lessons

Lessons have been designed to either be a complete mini-units in order, Lesson 1 through 4, or as stand alone lessons. We expect and┬áencourage you┬áto adapt and change┬áthe lessons to fit your needs. ┬áThroughout the lessons are tips to help adapt the existing lessons to specific needs – e.g. scaling up and down grade levels, emphasizing more┬ámath, or design and art.

These lessons were designed for students in grades 3-9, and could be used either as introductory projects to build understanding of grade level concepts, or as support for older students needing additional support or a new, compelling approach.

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