Notice patterns, tell stories, and discover the world. Add dots of color, words, music, and sounds to photos. Open-ended, creative fun for young learners and grownups.

Picture Dots

Notice, Play and Explore Your World With Picture Dots!

Make your photos come alive by layering on interactive dots of color, text, music, and sounds.

Spend quality, playful time together making creations, telling stories, being silly, and having fun. Perfect for children two years and up and their grownups to notice and play together. Share your creations as images or a short video.

Explore your everyday world – take photos of the people, places and things you see and do, and spark conversations about what you notice in the world around you. Picture Dots is simple and open-ended – the only limits are your imagination.

FREE guides for parents and educators:

Picture Dots guides provide ideas and inspirations for supporting the playful learning of early literacy, mathematics and science skills.


  • Inspirational Starter Pack of inspirational images, or add your own!
  • Add dots with silly sounds, musical notes, and text.
  • Record your own voice, or other sounds.
  • Silently counts and keeps a running tally of each color and total dots.
  • Playback your dots for endless creative fun.
  • Save and share your creations via email (after a Parent Gate)
  • Bilingual (English and Spanish)


  • Use the dots to classify, count, label, and notice patterns — core skills for preparing children for science, mathematics, and literacy learning in the early grades.
  • Take something you’ve made and use the dots to tell a story about it or how you made it.
  • Notice patterns made with hands-on manipulatives and extend the pattern with color and sound.
  • Document predictions before testing hypothesis when exploring properties of objects.

Picture Dots is the youngest member of the Noticing Tools™ family of apps from the New York Hall of Science. It is a bilingual English/Spanish tool that supports playful early science, math and literacy learning.




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May 25th, 2018

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