Build 3D models of things you see in the real world, and explore the relationships between surface area and volume in a powerful and fun 3D modeling environment.

Educators can inspire learners to think in 3D space and explore concepts of surface area and volume as they build complex shapes from simple components.


Take a picture of something you want to build.┬áStart building on top of the picture with basic solids – rectangular prism, triangular prisms, sphere, cone, cylinder, pyramid. ┬áTell the story of your model with images, text, graphics, and movies.

Ideal for middle and high school classrooms, Volumize and accompanying curriculum activities address Common Core Math Standards (CCSM) by integrating content, mathematical practices, and delight!

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Scale, Dimension, Ratios
September 7th, 2016

Introduction Discuss and/or review the sizes of similar objects. ┬áExamples could include: Baby and adult animals, architectural models…

Playing with Scale
July 18th, 2015

Volumize Activity 3: Playing with Scale Exploring relationships between scale, surface area and volume of created 3D characters….

Make a Model
July 18th, 2015

Volumize Activity 2: Make a Model Representing an object with basic solids to approximate surface area and volume….

Which is Greatest?
July 18th, 2015

Volumize Intro Activity 1: Which is Greatest? Exploring surface area and volume in simple solids. Expected Activity Time…

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Motion Graphics
August 25th, 2016

Designing spinning shapes with custom skins in Volumize is a great introduction to learning about motion graphics. Motion…

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Beautiful facades
August 19th, 2016

Found inspiration this Friday morning from the Instagram feed of┬á@arte_minimal, a beautiful photo of the┬áMeininger Hotel Berlin Airport,…

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Molecule Models
May 11th, 2016

Volumize won’t give great data for creating molecule models, but perhaps the visual aid could be helpful?

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Building on a Floor
May 11th, 2016

When starting a new project in Volumize it can be helpful with some types of models to build…

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