July 17th, 2015

Using photos taken with Virtual Props, students will create comics in which they incorporate their forced perspective photos to tell a tale of size shifting (e.g., shrinking and growing or both).

Size Wise Activity 6: Create a Comic about Size Shifting


Expected Activity Time

Create a Comic (40-80 minutes)

Materials and Prep

  • Create a Comic Student Sheet
  • iPad with Size Wise for each group of 3-4 students
  • Wifi access to send work to other iPads or online project space
  • Prep: Make sure students have access to pictures they have taken in previous sessions.

Activity Prompt

Using pictures that you create with Virtual Props, create a comic with a story centered on the size relationships you see.

To Do

Students Will:

  • Try some of the introductory activities before diving into creating a comic.
  • Once they are familiar with the app, they will think about a story that they can tell by creating a comic book.
  • Maybe their character (classmate, or friend) is shrinking in the story so they can fit into a small secret space. Maybe they’re growing so they can defeat Godzilla.  It’s up to the students!
  • Notice that the Virtual Prop library has a few themed backgrounds (e.g., jungle scenes) to choose from that they can or they can be mashed up to tell a new story.
  • When they’re done, they will share their comics!


Prompt students to creatively embed their Size Wise photos and the concepts they’ve explored through previous activities into their stories.

Ask students:

  • What stories can you tell with the Virtual Props that relate to size changes?
  • How did this change how you looked at the math behind the photos you have taken?

Extensions and Inquiring Further

Share Your Trick: Have students read their classmates’ comics and select a photo they find interesting.  Have them create a diagram which describes how they think the shot was set up and the math behind it.  Students should consider: Did the diagram of your classmate’s picture relate to the things you did to create your own pictures?  How so?   Can you write up the trick using math so someone else can make it?

Create a Comic about Size Shifting

Using photos taken with Virtual Props, write and put together a comic book to tell a story of size shifting.

  • Think about a story that you can tell by creating a comic book using photos you have created in the Size Wise app or new photos you would like to create.
  • Browse through the Virtual Prop Library and think about how the different props might suggest a story of shrinking or growing. Notice that the Virtual Prop Library has a few related backgrounds that you can choose as the setting for your story, or you can mash them up.  It is up to you!
  • When you’re done, share your comic with your classmates.

After you finish your comic, consider:  What sorts of mathematical relationships were involved in your creation of this comic?  Did you notice any ratios involved?  Be specific!

In Gallery Mode, you will use:
 cc To generate a template to tell their stories where they can insert photos they have taken, speech bubbles, subtext, and even ratios.
 SW1.6 To write ratios that they see on the photos they took.
All other features in Camera Mode if they take new pictures.


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Big Idea

This activity is a way for students to practice English Language Arts to create a narrative for forced perspective photographs they have created, or choose to create. This is a great culminating activity after students have done other Size Wise activities where they have “noticed” the proportions and ratios at work that contribute to size differences.

Learning Objectives

The comic book activity aims to mash up creativity with math in a way that inspires students to notice the ratios and proportions in their own stories.

Standards Addressed

Common Core State Standards- Math Content

Ratio and Proportional Relationships

6.RP.A.1. Understand the concept of ratio and se ratio language to describe a ration relationship between two quantities.

Common Core State Standards-Math

Mathematical Practices

MP2. Reason abstractly and quantitatively.

MP4 Model with mathematics.

Common Core State Standards- ELA   

Literacy & Writing

W.6.3. W.7.3, W.8.3: Write narratives to develop real or imagined experiences or events using effective technique, relevant descriptive details, and well-structured event sequences.

RST6.8.3. Follow precisely a multistep procedure when carrying out experiments, taking measurements, or performing technical tasks.


  • Increase
  • Decrease
  • In proportion
  • Ratios
  • Scale

Device Strategies

Single-device implementation

Save photos to your camera roll, print them out, and have students create a story around them in a word document.


Multiple-device implementation

This activity is best in groups of three. Have students take turns perusing the photos they have created.  Encourage them to brainstorm ideas for how they could tell a tale involving size (shrinking, growing, or doing both).  Suggest that extra points will be given to students who incorporate mathematical language in their stories.