May 5th, 2016

Here’s a nice, open-ended prompt to get you playing with Volumize and thinking about shapes:
Can you make 3D shapes where every side has the same surface area?


It’s nice that it doesn’t reveal the answer right away – in fact, there might be many right answers, or it might be impossible. And you start by just playing around with shapes. You get close, tug on one side but then watch the value of a different side change. Mess about until oh, okay, finally got it to match. Take a screenshot, record the values of each variable, and share.


What were the values of the variables that worked? Are those the only values that work? [Repeat for each shape]


Here’s what we’re also wondering — why might you want to have a shape where every side had the same surface area? Same amount of paint to cover? Releases and absorbs heat at the same rate?

What do you think?

IMG_2356 IMG_2355 IMG_2354 IMG_2353

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