April 25th, 2016

How far away from actual Bart can you get with a new 3D model while maintaining the Bart-ness of your sculpture?

Tip: When skinning the eyeballs (yikes!) it helps to have a few different rectangular images: all white with one black dot.  (Use the images at the bottom of this post if it’s helpful.)

Here are a few of our examples, share yours!

bart image_1 bart image_2 bart image_3 bart image


Bart-Eye-2 Bart-Eye-1 Bart-Eye-3 Bart-Eye-4 Bart-Eye-5


  1. Hah! This could be a fun challenge to do with iconic and recognizable brands, logos, or characters. And I bet it’s even more fun and challenging if you weren’t told what it is or who they are up front.

    It also makes me think of the abstract art sequence in the movie Inside Out for inspiration.

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