May 25th, 2016

Here is a nice animation trick in Choreo Graph that also leads to an interesting math tip.

First, add your completed sketch to the Build Screen.  Then add a layer that is a blank mask, preferably from the same paper that your sketch is on, but the blank part.  Matching the lighting and material will be key to create the illusion that the pencil is drawing the curve, or sketch.  Lastly, add the pencil.  Keyframe by keyframe in Choreo Graph you can slide the mask along the curve, followed by the pencil.

Basically, the animation tip here is that you can create the illusion that something is appearing to be drawn onscreen by using a masking technique to slide as the animation develops over time.

The math tip with this idea involves the translation path that is created when tracing.  This idea works best with straight line segments, but with curves one can also focus on key coordinates such as maximums and minimums, zeroes, or standard points on the unit circle.  So, if you were wanting to show a curve in a video for class, you could use Choreo Graph to bring some animation to the otherwise static image.




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