August 19th, 2016

Found inspiration this Friday morning from the Instagram feed of @arte_minimal, a beautiful photo of the Meininger Hotel Berlin Airport, Germany by @leb_lanc.

I went about making a quick replica using Fraction Mash to make a stripe pattern and then wrapping a simple 3D rectangles in Volumize.

I started with just two colors of stripes to test it out.

But the building had more colors, so I wanted to add stripes – starting simple can result in early success, and motivate making more complex things later. Making a whole beautiful thing at once can be daunting, but iterating from the simple to increasingly complex is deeply satisfying.

So – on to three stripes. I noticed that my original denominator (20) would not result in the same number of each color stripes if I used three colors. I switched to 30 rows (divisible by 3, hmmm!).

30 stripes in Fraction Mash

And got the pattern I wanted.

Fraction Mash Image

From there, I made two simple rectangular prisms, skinned all the faces with the striped image from Fraction Mash, and boom. I’m off to apply for a few design awards : – )


3D models with stripes

What else do you notice about making stripes along the faces of solids?

* Top image credit: via Creative Commons

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