April 17th, 2016

I’m wondering it this would be a good tool to plot plant growth over the season in our community’s new rain garden? Could I map out the original plants and mash in pictures taken from above to chart the amount %change in coverage over the summer and even years? I haven’t played around with it yet but does that seem like a plausible goal?


  1. Hi Mary Ann – these sounds like neat ideas, definitely some creative potential there.

    If you’re thinking of using actual plants and images of them as data, then it’ll be important to take the pictures from the same distance away, no pinching/zooming in the app.

    If you have a garden plot, say 10 x 10, then you could make a grid of 10 x 10 and make mashups of which ones had sprouted or not. And then mash up a 3rd color or image to represent blooming. You could do this with images or abstract representations of color (brown = planted, green = sprouted, red = blooming).

    Excited to see what you make with it, and it inspires us to have a look at our NYSCI staff garden for inspirations. Thanks!

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