March 13th, 2016

After learning about the concepts of force & motion with the Playground Physics app & curricula, I continue my lessons on forces in my new unit on the Earth-Moon-Sun system. Oftentimes, astronomy, while fascinating to students of all ages, can be difficult to comprehend. The astronomy models we use are often limited. In the astronomy lessons on rotation and revolution, students can use the Playground Physics to graph and model these concepts. Demonstrating planetary movements (Kepler’s Laws) Earth’s rate of rotation, Moon’s rotation vs. revolution, are just a few of the potential expanded uses of playground physics (while still grounded in learning the concepts associated with objects in motion).


  1. Andrew – those sound really neat extensions. One update you should know about that makes these possible – you can now import your own videos into the app, not just ones that were filmed in the app.

    So, if you find or create video where:
    1) the camera is held steady
    2) the motion is all in the same plane
    3) you have a known reference point for size

    then you can import it into Playground Physics and analyze it. Do let the community know if you find any good videos that would fit the bill and expand the possibilities.

    Thanks for the creative suggestion.

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