July 28th, 2015

The more you play with Volumize, the better youā€™ll be able to manipulate the shapes.


Here are some helpful techniques:

  • Tap theĀ lock icon on the bottom left of the modeling screen to enableĀ rotating the base shape (that’s the first shape you add to the scene).
  • Moving your model on one axis often helps maneuver it into its desired orientation.
  • Try swiping up or down, or right or left, and watch how your swiping affects the orientation.
  • Zoom in and out on models can help to orient the scene to your liking.
  • Double tap at any point will return your model to the starting position. This can be very helpful for making modifications to your construction.

This is particularly useful for all of the Volumize activities:Ā Which is Greatest?,Ā Make a Model,Ā Playing with Scale,Ā Formula Exploration,Ā Treehouse Design, andĀ Redesign Your Room.

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