July 30th, 2015

To get everyone to look the same height onscreen, you need to line up everyone’s feet as well as their heads.  To do this, take the photo from an extremely low angle.  It’s best if the iPad is resting on the floor, rotated so the lens is as close to the floor as possible.  The student photographer might decide to lie of the floor. This activity works best with subjects of varying heights however, some students at the extreme ends of the curve are sensitive about their height.  It’s useful to put things in the picture that are very short (e.g., a backpack, or a pencil cup) and very tall (e.g., the top of the blackboard).  Not only will this assure that the tallest and smallest things in the photo aren’t people, but it will also give you some extra useful data.

This is particularly useful for Lessons such as Everyone is Equal.

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