October 8th, 2015
Half me, half Vader

My 6 year old son drew Darth Vader and a Star Wars poster…

IMG_1567 IMG_1568

…so of course I had to have some fun with that to start the day. He really wanted to make things himself, but it was time for him to head off to school.

Getting two eyes in the drawn mask required two mashups – one to get the left eye, the other for the right – but I like how they turned out. That’s a handy technique that I’ve come to use a lot – taking bits of faces, background images, to get the end product you want through multiple steps.

IMG_1569    Half me, half Vader

And then, since I am his father, this had to happen.


And then a couple versions of movie posters.

IMG_1573 IMG_1572

What could you make from these drawings? What might students you teach want to make?

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