May 12th, 2016

As you add parts in Choreo Graph you are creating layers.  The first part you add is the bottom layer, and they build up so the last part is on top.  This order is also shown by the order of the line graphs on the Animate Screen.  The top most line graph is the bottom most layer.

You can change the order of the layers by “parenting” on the Build Screen.  Parenting happens when you drag one part onto another.  When you parent a part onto another part, the parent is directly on top.  This change in layers is shown in the new ordering of the line graphs.

Below is an example of one set background – the ocean – and, 3 parts: 2 dolphins and the foreground ocean. The foreground ocean was added last, so it is on top of the dolphins.  Then, when animated, they appear to be jumping out of the water, and then back in.

IMG_0078 IMG_0079 IMG_0080 IMG_0081 CG-Dolphins-Layer-Video-Still

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