January 8th, 2016
Final mashup of faces from subway poster in Fraction Mash

Saw this ad for a new TV show in the subway station and immediately knew what had to be done. Well, I knew I had to make something with it – the characters, faces, outfits, backrounds, details were too inviting. The cartoonish blocky figures were good for combining since your eyes naturally see faces and characters even in their simplified forms.


I started with putting a picture of my own face in with one of the characters, but the initail results were too jarring, so I moved on to making something using just the six characters.

First mix:IMG_1968

The triangles grid is really handy for making rays of color (lightning, sun light, power of pure awesome?) that appear to radiate out from the center. From there, it was a series of mashing shoulders, arms, heads together…


…and finally, mashing in some little details from one character to another. This last bit – adding small details from one to another, is best done with the custom grid set to 25×25 (625 tiles per image) as it gives you the most fine-grained control in the app.

And, volia!

Final mashup of faces from subway poster in Fraction Mash

What could you make with cartoon faces? What stories might your students tell about the characters that combine powers – would they be more powerful, or clunky and awkward? What powers would you want?

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