October 13th, 2015

A tiled environment can provide a fun opportunity to illustrate the distance tool in the Size Wise app, especially in spaces where direct measurement of linear distances might be tricky.  A school hallway, a brick wall or a subway station is composed of repeating units of a similar size.  Measure the physical size a single brick or tile, then create an object caliper for it.  After you take a picture, you can use that object caliper to show how the image size relates to the distance from the camera.  I used Size Wise in a subway station to see how far apart different surfaces made of the same sized tile were from the camera.

Activity extensions might include predicting how the image distance might change if the size of the tile was something other than an integer value or applying the pythagorean theorem by imaging surfaces at right angles to the camera.  For tiles a great distances from the camera that are too small to measure with the caliper, one might also create a ‘two tile’ caliper of double the height to allow comparison.

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Grade(s): 6-12
Categories: Measurement & Data

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