July 29th, 2015

Ask a couple of students to collect some outlier data by “posing” some very short objects (e.g. a trashcan, backpack, or pencil cup) and some very tall things (e.g. the distance from the floor to the top of the blackboard) with the same virtual props.

The data that the students collect can be graphed both as a group and then as a class. Plot the data on graph of object height vs. object distance, using a different color mark for each virtual prop.

As long as the data was collected with some care, the graph should reveal a straight, upwardly sloping line for each separate prop. Each of these lines is a directly proportional relationship, where both values increase in proportion to each other. That is, taller students have to stand back farther to fit with the same prop.

This is particularly useful for Lessons such as Strike a Pose with Virtual Props.

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