July 29th, 2015

One measurement technique is to develop a standard idea of what it means to “fit” with the chosen props. For instance, if students want to pose with the Statue of Liberty, are they lining their picture up with the statue’s feet, or with the base? And what about the torch?

In a discussion about fit, you might include a conversation about image size ratios. For instance, the class might choose to dress in different virtual pairs of pants, or different virtual shirts. In the case of Size Wise clothing, the question of “fit” isn’t really about fashion.

Since the data that Size Wise collects is based on measuring things from top to bottom, the class might determine that the clothes “fit” if the height of the prop is in a specific ratio with the student’s image height.   Do the pants look right if they’re in a 1:2 ratio with the student’s height? Or something else? If the students decide to standardize based on a specific image size ratio, then they should use the ratio tool to check their “fit”.

This is particularly useful for Lessons such as Strike a Pose with Virtual Props.

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